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Egg Shells for Slug Control

Using eggs shells is a commonly suggested, natural solution for garden slug control. The suggested advice is to crush the shells into small, jagged pieces and sprinkle them around your garden to create an egg shell barrier.

Slugs have very soft bodies and will hesitate to cross an egg shell barrier because of the threat the sharp edges of the broken shells pose to their soft, vulnerable bodies.

Advantages of using Egg Shells for Slug Control:

The two main advantages of using egg shells for slug control are that it’s cheap and egg shells are easy to come by. And some people have reported significant success with using this strategy. However, many also report that egg shell slug control methods don’t work at all.

Disadvantages of using Egg Shells for Slug Control:

Slugs are persistent little creatures. Egg shells may deter them from accessing your garden, but they will keep looking for a way in until they find one. They can access your garden by crawling up plants or trees and use them as bridges to cross the egg shell barrier.

Another thing that many gardeners do not realize is that it is very common for slugs to live under the soil in their gardens. Creating an egg shell slug barrier won’t have any effect on slugs that are already in your garden. This is where they thrive and breed.

Lastly, egg shell barriers are an unsightly addition to a garden. They just plain don’t look good!


Although commonly suggested as a slug control strategy, egg shells *may* be helpful in some cases but it will not resolve the problem of why you have slugs in the first place. Even if you have some success, you will have to keep crushing eggs and putting them in your garden, week after week, year afte year.

For information on the best, most effective natural methods for achieving permanent slug control see our main page on garden slugs.